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About Us

Our company Unilem, is based in Bacau, which is located in north-eastern Romania. It was founded in 2002 for the production of stratified wood. Over time it has been recognized for the quality of its products and for its continuing growth of production capacity in compliance with a more demanding international market.

The competence of our technicians, both Romanians and Italians, has permitted over time the consolidation of a rapidly evergrowing production:

  • we select and purchase our logs directly from national forests;
  • we produce lumber in a modern sawmill located within our company;
  • we dry the timber in 12 drying chambers which run different programs depending on the dry essence;
  • the dry timber is then carefully turned into boards that are glued together and stratified thus obtaining a profile with excellent stability and strength.

Unilem S.R.L. is part of the Uniform S.p.A. group - Italian leader in the production of mixed and highly performant window systems. 

Uniform has been designing and manufacturing wood-aluminum systems for windows and doors since 1988. Working with professionalism and constantly improving the product range, the company has been steadily growing, thus earning its position as European leader in the field. Always seeking to achieve excellence, along with the passion to find innovative solutions, these things were the basis for its success, the company offering its customers the most performant products, which possess special designs.